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High-Purity Silicon Corporation
High-Purity Silicon Corporation has made a new start as a group company of SUMCO Corporation, a world-class semiconductor silicon wafers company. High-Purity Silicon Corporation contributes to improving people's lives and the development of digital technologies worldwide as a behind-the-scenes power which supports increase in demand for semiconductor silicon wafers.
Through semiconductors, we contribute to the development of the world's digital technologies.
High-Purity Silicon Corporation, a group company of SUMCO Corporation, has supplied high-purity polycrystalline silicon and chlorosilanes worldwide from Yokkaichi City and Suzuka City, Mie Prefecture, and the State of Alabama in the United States. Including the predecessor of Yokkaichi Plant of Mitsubishi Materials Corporation, we have played a key role throughout the history of semiconductor production. Our products are mainly the base materials for semiconductor silicon wafers, which are used in many products in daily life such as electronic appliances, personal computers, and smartphones. We will continue to work tirelessly to contribute to the development of digital technologies globally and the improvement of people’s lives.
High-purity polycrystalline silicon
The base material for silicon wafers,
used as a substrate for semiconductor devices
Our high-purity polycrystalline silicon, which is the base material used in the silicon wafers for semiconductor devices, boasts the world's highest purity at 99.999999999% (11N). Our silicon will continue to support the production of cutting-edge semiconductors of ever-higher quality.
High-purity chlorosilanes
An essential material for semiconductors and online infrastructure
Our chlorosilanes are produced through the production process of high- purity polycrystalline silicon. Trichlorosilane is the raw material for polycrystalline silicon with a purity of 99.999999999%. Our chlorosilanes have superior quality for semiconductor use. We meet our customers' needs under thorough quality management.
Employment Information
High-Purity Silicon Corporation supplies high-purity polycrystalline silicon and chlorosilanes to the world as a group company of SUMCO Corporation. Our products are the base materials of semiconductor silicon wafers and thus are used in unseen places throughout our daily lives. They are used in electronic appliances, computers, smartphones, and other devices. Why not join us in creating the future of the world by contributing to the development of cutting-edge digital technologies?
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